Hi. My name is Shaya. I design user interfaces, build communities, and photograph people.

I also enjoy creative and interdisciplinary thought. Here’s what I’ve been working on:


Lately, I’ve been writing about music and technology for Chamber Music Magazine. Here’s a partial list of those articles and other publications.


Portraits and the little details, mostly of people, often in black & white.


Musochat is a monthly conversation about new music on Twitter that began in July 2015. New Music Box wrote about it, and SoundNotion recorded us discussing it on their podcast, as did The Portfolio Composer.


As a guest on ThisChoirNerd, a podcast by Markdavin Obenza, I discuss how to connect strangers with music, collaborating in the digital space, how unpaid work affects (or doesn’t affect) quality, tips on advertising a concert, and audience building. Mark is director of the Byrd Ensemble and producer for Scribe Records. (June 2017)

And in Encore Arts Seattle, Jonathan Shipley interviews me about my work with the Live Music Project. (October 2017)


“Mission-Driven Technology: Building Products That Reflect Your Values”Seattle Interactive Conference, October 2017 (panelist)

Every business needs to approach technology in a new way, and nonprofits are no different. Leaders in the nonprofit technology space share how they’ve married the best of startup practices (agility, lean development, collaborative methods) with the nonprofit backbone (mission, values, governance) to build innovation into their organizations from the ground up. As they discuss the challenges they’ve faced, and how they made their successes possible, you may be inspired to change how your own organization builds software.

“Supporting New Music with Software”New Music Gathering, May 2017 (panelist)

The Live Music Project connects audiences with live music experiences through its online calendar, fundraising platform, and other software tools. New Music USA provides significant grant support and provides advocacy and promotion through its platform, built and maintained by in-house developers. CASH Music works directly with musicians to build free and open tools, empowering them to control their careers online — from promotion and sales to growing the connections to their audiences.  Software is an increasingly vital tool for organizations committed to supporting artists. Learn how each of our organizations sees developing software as part of our work, and how artists can benefit from the software tools being created.


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This is me!